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Sunday Runday

Well it was a gorgeous sunny day down here in Brighton so I really had no excuse not to go out for a run. As it was sunny I thought I’d avoid the seafront promenade as I thought it would get pretty busy….boy was I right!

So my first mistake was being fooled by the sun. Thinking it would be nice and warm I set off out in just a t-shirt and shorts. After about 10 paces I realised I’d made a mistake but I’m far to pig-headed to turn around and go home to change. so I carried on. I also decided to make the route up as I went along and before I knew it I was in Hove Park being chased by little yappy dogs and avoiding keen young kids on skateboards.

At this point I decided I’d head off along the busy roads into Portslade. I am loving running but I want a peaceful run where it is just me pounding along deep in thought. Not a constant planning exercise about how to avoid the next obstacle in my path.



That pretty much sums up most of the run. very enjoyable but too much along busy roads, too much avoiding people/dogs/cyclists/skateboarders/….fill in as appropriate. And that was before I decided against my better instincts to run back along the seafront. Busy doesn’t even come close!

It was absolute hell trying to weave through everyone, sometimes having to run on the actual pebbles on the beach with, unsurprisingly is really darn tough! Still, it was longer than I had planned but I am glad I got in a few hills as running on a treadmill during the week, and then just along the seafront at weekends means I’m not getting in many inclines.



Well as you can see…most of those inclines were downhill 😉

I was also happy with the pace, especially given that any record isn’t gong to account for having to wait at traffic lights or the assault course effect of avoiding obstacles.



Rather surprisingly I sped up at the last 2 miles!

Then of course I blew all the good work by going to the pub for a few and then eating a whole chocolate bar in the evening. When will I learn! So all in all a good run.

My takeaway thought is where to run next when it’s sunny? I’d like it to be somewhere quiet where I can run and think, getting lost in my thoughts rather than stressing out about avoiding obstacles. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see so many people out and about, walking, running, playing….it’s just for me I need a clear path.

maybe I’ll try running out of town…


Seafront breeze slows me down

My second run of the year was a long one. It was cold out there so apologies to anyone taking a stroll along the beach being confronted by my nipples! Next time I’ll wear more layers.

It’s funny, there were quite a few runners out today and it seems everyone is very individual in what and how much they wear to run in. Anything from shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt (aka me) to shorts, leggings, two tops, hat and gloves. If I continue running when it gets really cold I think a trip to the running shop is on the cards.

So back to my run. It seemed to start so well until I realised the wind was behind me! I went along the seafront again and am pleased that the council have been busy and the stones have pretty much been cleaned away. I headed out to Hove Lagoon again but it was when I headed back into Brighton I realised how much difference the wind makes.

12-01-2014 16-57-21

I’m very pleased with the distance. It was reasonably quiet along the seafront so I decided to go right on past my turnoff to the Brighton Pier. I was really starting to struggle but was enjoying it so I carried on.

12-01-2014 16-58-13

By then I was running at a snails pace and it was uphill at the end. Server me right for living at the top of a hill. So, run done, chores done…off for a well deserved pint 🙂

First run of 2014

And it was good fun! Although it was quite hard work. I chose to run along the seafront in Brighton and Hove for the first time since the storms. So whilst it was good to be out on a lovely sunny day there were still lots of stones all over the promenade that made it tough going in places.

10-01-2014 14-59-16

I was also happy about the distance…I just made it to 5 miles although the last part was a real struggle…and uphill. I’m happy that I can also still walk, it’s now the day after. Unlike last time when I went for a run I was really in pain afterwards.

So all good 🙂

Ouch! I did it and am paying for it….

So I did it….my first outdoor run since the lovely sunny and warm month of August! And now I ache like an old man (some might say I am an old man but I don’t feel it or act it!).

I had a tough morning and a big part of me just wanted to get wasted but I then did something I have not done in ages. I got my act together and went for a run!.

2013-12-29 - 1400

I didn’t want to go down to the seafront as I had been there earlier in the day and secondly because it was really busy with runners. Antisocial…me? No of course not 😉

So I set off on a random course that eventually led me to Hove Park. Blimey do I ache today! I am reasonably fit because I go to the nice, cosy, warm gym but yesterday even though it was sunny it was freezing!

As for my new top? Well it’s too early to say if my Hind top from The Sweatshop was worth the £25. All I know is it was freezing when I went out and I arrived back hot, sweaty and looking red-faced. It was no miracle top for sure but I guess a few more runs will tell me if I should buy more or just stick with plain old t-shirts.

And I had forgotten how much harder it was running outside than on a treadmill.So it would seem I am back in the world of outdoor running. Although today’s apocalyptic weather does mean no run tonight. There is personal stuff going on so my next chance might be tomorrow but more realistic it will be Friday. Same reason to got to the pub….hopefully now replaced with same reason for going for a run.

This time though I will avoid hills and just head to the seafront. I live close to it and therefore it will probably … or rather hopefully…become my regular haunt. I need to work out some distances though. I think what got me yesterday was the hills and also the fact that I didn’t compromise speed for elevation. My poor legs are just not used to that.

Recovery? Well today it was a spell on the cross-trainer whilst looking out the window at the downpour of rain, short spell on the treadmill to see if it would help with the aching legs…it didn’t. And that’s it.

I also need to decide whether to switch Runkeeper to kilometres. Currently I do about 3~4 miles so I know where I am with that distance. Kilometres could throw me off but everyone else seems to use them. I don’t know why!

And now I’ve put some money where my mouth is

Lets hope my feet are not in it and I do start again. I was reading how t-shirts are rubbish when its cold out and get cold and clingy… So I ended up buying myself a running top!


I looked into shirts from but I wanted to actually see one so I ended up in The Sweatshop on Queens Road in Brighton and they had already started their sale!

So after much deliberation I bought one of their own brand makes for £25. I’ll let you know how it turns out compared to an old cotton T-shirt. The other good thing is it has a little pocket on the back so I don’t need an extra ‘waistband’.

So I’m going to be tied up with celebrations but maybe 26th or 27th I’ll try a baby run…….depending on the weather 🙂

It’s time to start again…

It was all going so well back in August, the sun was shining, it was warm sunny and dry and running was a pleasure.

But now it has been months and I have only been running on a treadmill in a cosy dry gym with no dogs, flies and other random obstacles.

I’m resisting the urge to make a New Year resolution but I am thinking that by running outside again after work I’ll delay that inevitable first beer of the evening and will be doubling up my exercise as I will still go to the gym during the day.

So how to get motivated? Well I have just read a blog over at Runkeeper :5 ways to set a running resolution that sticks

And the bit that sticks out for me is:

If you’ve been able to push through less than ideal winter weather and stay consistent, then running in the spring will feel like a joy! Oh, and did we mention that RunKeeper users who worked out in January were three times as active as those runners who didn’t get a workout in at the beginning of the year? So yeah, there’s some science behind that one.

So maybe I’ll be out there soon but not tonight. Well it is Christmas Eve so I’m starting with excuses already!

Oh and once I do start again (there, I said it, that’s a commitment then…) it will be time for some new gear as I’ve only got shorts and t-shirts….advice anyone? Probably some kind of waterproof top I imagine!

Missing in inaction

Well I’ve been light on posting but I have been running!

It’s now Monday and apart from a run Friday night and one today that’s it for a week and a bit. 5.33 miles in 41 minutes today and 5.62 miles in 43 minutes on Friday so I have upped my ‘normal’ run from 4 odd miles to 5 but now I have an enforced break. No injury just life and responsibilities dictate I have no opportunity to run.

It’s a shame as I feel I have got into a routine…a healthy one for a change! Let’s hope the break doesn’t ruin that routine.

Adios for now….