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Shoes, shoes and more shoes

June 15, 2013

Who knew choosing running shoes and other gear was so complicated. Anyway after much debate and running around the block (in jeans and a shirt, looking like a burk) and being filmed I have chosen some.

I guess going to a running shop is a very different experience from going to Sports Direct!

Apparently I have a slight over-reach….which not having searched that on Google yet sounded like waffle but I went with my instincts and trusted the sales rep.

What did I get?

  • Embarrassed by running around the block in normal clothes three times!
  • Lighter wallet by more than planned
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTC

Brooks Running Shoes


I also bought a surprisingly expensive little belt to hold keys and a soon to be scratched by keys, iPhone. I’m not totally convinced it will not annoy the hell out of me if it bounces about; but equally I think I’d be annoyed wearing an armband.

I’ve not worn those since I was about 3 years old.

Running Belt


So I’ve got the gear – well the basics anyway. I’ll be running in normal shorts and a T-shirt. If I get into this then I’ll get proper shorts and tops, but that’s some investment!

I’ve also installed RunKeeper on the phone which is the only reason it’s coming along.

So now I’m out of excuses….tomorrow is the big day!


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