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Start gently and build up – Pah to that!

June 16, 2013

I just completed my first outdoor run!!!

So it was going to be a short run but I did 4.87 miles in 38 minutes and 29 seconds (well take off a few for avoiding dogs, waiting to cross the road and once to re-tie my shoelaces). All new experiences for a treadmill runner.


I’m really pleased with that. It was going to be a short run but it felt good. It is definitely so much harder to run outside than on the treadmill and hills…those darn hills! I think the treadmill has done me good but it’s so different, normally I’d do no more than 2 miles on a treadmill at 8 miles per hour or more.

I think that’s why my pace was good but I started to run out of steam at the end because I’m not used to the distance. Perhaps I was going too fast, I did seem to be overtaking all the runners going around the park.

And what’s with the serious faces people! I smiled at the other runners but got nothing back….running is supposed to be fun, surely? Even serious runners should smile to encourage us fellow newbies.

The highlights were actually doing it, despite the weather, and also the peace and quiet, mostly. I’m not sure about running around parks on a Sunday morning. Lots of people and dogs and I had hoped for some ‘alone time’; but as I live in town I have to get used to that. Even if I run along Brighton seafront there will be even more people and no dogs but…tourists! Bless them, standing still gawping at all that Brighton has to offer, standing in big groups not noticing anyone else….hmmmm. Love them, but not whilst running.

So run number 1 is done. I probably didn’t cool down enough so expect to ache tomorrow. Now I have to think about the next run. Do I do more short runs and one long run at the weekend, do I just wing it or do I make a plan?

Any hints anyone?

I’ll go to the gym but probably not run, or if I do it will just be the standard 2 miles. So my next run will be Friday at the latest, hopefully before though. I guess even a short run is better than nothing.

At least just to get used to running outside and not getting lost.

Enjoying the endorphins too 🙂


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