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Fair weather runner?

June 18, 2013

Ok so it was lovely and sunny on Sunday when I did my first run, today it’s grey, overcast and showers are forcast. Not looking good for the week which isn’t encouraging to a new runner who dreampt about nice long runs in the bright sunshine. What was I thinking….well obviously I wasn’t thinking, this is England after all.

But I’m going for a run later.


There, I said it, online and in public so I had better go now! It wont be a long one, that’s planned for the weekend sometime but I am planning on running maybe three times a week to start with. I need to give my body a chance to recover…

For some inexplicable reason  most of my muscle aches have calmed down except for my shins. My shins!!! What the hell is that all about? I didn’t even know I had muscles in the shins (probably not the medical description for location of the muscles I fear).


I suppose it’s because outdoors there are hills which I don’t have on the treadmill? Who knows, anyway it’s a funny place for muscle aches. More later maybe 🙂



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