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Lord of the flies

June 19, 2013

So that’s run number 2 done! Another good run although this one was hard for me….also another difference from running on a tradmill was the number of flies I swallowed!

Ok slight exageration, they were midges but as a vegetarian I stronly object to eating them, especially against my will. Also, mud, tree roots and long, long hills. Why am I doing this, it’s so much easier on a treadmill 🙂

It was actually a lovely run. It started with 1 1/2 miles of uphill road (ok pavement, traffic and exhaust fumes) but then got very nice and green which was a good discovery given I am running in town.


3.55 miles in 30.01 minutes is pretty ok I think given it was a hilly run. I’ll try to find a flatter run but in Brighton that’s hard.


I then spent the rest of the evening trying to stretch my shin muscles….why do they ache so much, seems crazy to me, but then this is all new and I should be gratefull that’s my biggest physical issue.

I have also given up Google. Searching on shin muscles and shin pain only led me down a dark and not very pleasant path I have no intention of running down. That said I might try Bing for running gadgets (geek element creeping in).

So I guess with two runs done I need a plan rather than more random running and fly eating. Maybe a goal could be to run home from work????

That’s over 10 miles so definitely not something to do this week. I’ll have a think but if I can do short runs (all over my 2 mile treadmill historical distance) and at the weekend build up a mile per week…..sounds like a plan. Albeit slightly ambitious given the state I was in yesterday after 3.5 miles.

But my excuse is I had also been to the gym at lunchtime and done 20 minutes on a cross trainer. My poor old legs had their work cut out.

Next post, next run, next distance, next route…don’t know any of those!


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