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New record – pacy in Preston Park :-)

June 25, 2013

Well yesterdays run was a good one….by my standards of course. I have a long way to go yet as this is only week 2 of running outdoors and over 2 miles.

4.51 miles in 35 minutes which I am pleased about:


It was hard work as Preston Park is quite hilly and I went round it 3 times. It was going to be 2 but I got carried away 🙂


Also I beat my personal best average pace: 7.46 per mile! It was a long walk home at the end though, and I don’t mean literally as in distance.

That said it was a nice park to run in. Preston Park is also home to the ‘Preston Twins’ – widely considered the largest and oldest Elm trees in the world.

Preston Park is Brighton and Hove’s first and largest public park. With 63 acres of parkland, this well-loved open space plays a huge role in the life of the city, offering a variety of sports and activities and hosting many major outdoor events.

In recent years, many parts of the park have been restored as part of a 10-year project between Brighton & Hove City Council, The Heritage LOttery Fund and English Heritage.

A regular winner of the Green Flag Award, given to quality parks and open spaces, Preston Park remains green throughout the summer because of an underground water source known as the Wellesbourne.

It’s a 2.2 mile route around the perimeter of the park combined with a loop within the park according to this running site.



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