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New record average pace, but at a cost?

July 2, 2013

The new best pace is 7.38 minutes per mile. This was over today’s run of 3.68 miles in 28 minutes and 7 seconds. That’s an average of 7.85 mph.

The best mile pace was mile 3 at 8.39 mph. I am very pleased with that but the stats could be skewed as it was a hilly run. I’ll have to run it again to see how that compares but I promise you it wasn’t all downhill!

It does make me wonder what kind of runner am I? I know I am rubbish at sprinting 100 metres but am I best at 3~5 miles going ‘quite fast’,(for me anyway…this is only week 3) or am I building up be be a plodder over longer distance. I think a 10k is not my best and I’m  getting into this for the mental benefits as well as physical. Maybe I’ll see how a long run goes at the weekend.

So at what cost I hear you say? Well I started to get twinges in my right knee. I read only yesterday that its a myth that running is bad for your knees which I want to believe but it does seem too much of a coincidence. Also it hurt more as I ran downhill making me think its the jarring impact. Running uphill was fine…except my lungs and leg muscles might disagree quite forcefully!

Day off running tomorrow to rest…probably 🙂


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