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1 1/2 x 2 Parks = New Run!

July 4, 2013

So today I found quite a nice run that I will do quite regularly. It was 4.25 miles in 33 minutes and 23 seconds with an average pace of  7.51 mph. That way I can see how my progress improves over time. Well at least until I move which could happen in the next few weeks.


There is quite a nice start with a run along Shirley Drive which is the first mile, then into Hove Park. One and a half times round that then into Hove Recreational Ground and two and a half times round that. That takes me to almost exactly 4 miles which I think is plenty enough considering I’ve only been doing this for 3 weeks (almost).

It also is fairly hilly which pushes me 😦


It also seems I definitely ran out of puff at the end!!!


So that’s it, my new run in Brighton, or Hove actually (for those not local that’s a reference to Hove being considered as slightly posh compared to cosmopolitan Brighton. Hence “Do you live in Brighton” => “No, Hove actually” even though the two towns are officially Brighton and Hove and have merged into one town.

So before I turn this blog into a potted history of Brighton and Hove. That’s all for today. Next run planned to be a long one, probably on Sunday.


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