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Nausea stops run, no sign of rain or play

July 7, 2013

Drinking + Running + Hot Sun = No records set today!

First off, at least I went for a run! 4.6 miles in 37 minutes and 33 seconds. And boy was it hot!!!!


It didn’t help that yesterday rather too many beers were consumed on Brighton seafront. The summer has finally arrived in the UK and we have to make the most of it as it rarely lasts long.


So todays run was never going to be a record breaker but it was interesting! I had hoped for it to be longer but it was hard from the start. A long slog uphill, up Dyke Road and then into Hangleton. I had visions of running along the seafront with a cool breeze when the reality would probably have been really hot and very busy with all the tourists and day-trippers from London..

All of which was irrelevant because although the running was hard I suddenly had a really strong bout of nausea, so much so I was certain I was going to throw up. I kept on for a few more minutes but then I just had to stop. I couldn’t run another step.

A first and not something I want to happen again. Was it drinking yesterday? Was it dehydration? Was it lack of food? By the way if you run in the morning how do cope without breakfast? I am sure eating will give me ‘a stitch’ when I run???

Whatever the cause, for the first time my body let me down and I just couldn’t go on despite my willingness too. I walked back, I couldn’t even jog.

If I had taken any money out with me I would have taken the bus! I am also wondering if I had taken some water could I have run further? I suppose it’s a balance between carrying loads of ‘stuff’ verses running free, which is my real intention. I guess I have more to learn and need a better training plan…or any plan at all actually.


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