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Hot flies….

July 10, 2013

I’m running (pun intended) out of ideas for post titles so now it’s just the things I remember most about the run.

It was hot

I ate flies, not intentionally and also got one in the eye 😦

I was pleased I ran 4.27 miles in 32 minutes and it was the second time I have done this route.


It’s nice running around Hove Park:



And Hove Recreation Ground:


The weather in Brighton is still unusually hot which I am finding makes it tough going but although both parks have wide open paths they also offer some tree cover which I hoped would keep me cool. But it didn’t.

What it did lead to I think, and I’m no entomologist; was a plethora of flies for some reason. Some of which I unfortunately swallowed. Euuuuuurgh! Not happy about that, also got one in the eye. So I’m no longer convinced about running around the park. Shame. I will give it another go, maybe Thursday to see if it was a one off.

Also I want to keep doing this run as it’s a nice almost exactly 4 mile run. I think for now that’s my standard distance until I get a bit fitter. I’m also going to stick to every other day or thereabouts, at least for another month as I’m suffering the next day.




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