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Another run, another lesson

July 12, 2013

So yesterday I did 3.64 miles in 28 minutes which I am quite happy with. I had intended just to do 10 minutes for lots of reasons, all of them excuses.

But I din’t. I ran to a small park nearbye called Hove Recreation Ground and was just going to do a lap and then back. But for some reason I felt ok and instead of doing one lap I did 4!


Also the park may be small but has a long climb uphill hence my pace was a little slower than normal….well and it was hot!


Still, a good effort considering I was only going for a short run. So what’s the lesson I hear you ask?

Running 4 times around the same park is boring! Yes, boring, I saw the same people sitting in the sun smoking, 4 times, I saw the same person walking their fat dog, 4 times, and….well it was just boring. Now please don’t hate me for saying that.

My Dad used to run around the same park and he’s not boring and he used to love it. Sadly he can’t run anymore. So if you do run around parks, good on you….it’s just not for me. Once, twice maybe but that’s it.

Where do you run?


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