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No need for speed: why slow running has its own joy

July 18, 2013

I love this post….it’s not mine and the full article can be found here.

I suppose as I am new to this I am kinda competitive with myself at the moment. I keep logging runs and the times they take but actually it’s just about motivating myself to get out there and run. Which is why I liked this article posted in The Guardian about not running fast times.

Sacriledge? Maybe to an experienced marathon runner or multiple 10K/5K whatever. Some extracts that hit home for me:

“In his book Why We Run, ultramarathon runner and biologist Bernd Heinrich elaborates a theory of human evolution. Basically: running (fast) in pursuit of protein (antelopes) drove human evolution. If I’d been born into protohominid society I would have been naturally selected out of the gene pool. I also would have been hungry. I am a slow runner, ill-equipped to chase down my dinner.”

“Writers such as Heinrich who have only clocked one or two prestige event wins sometimes fancy themselves slow runners. For those of us at the back of the pack – the plodders, the hungover, the slowcoaches, the chatters, the injured, the unfit, the recovering, the hobbling, the steady, the untrained – that idea seems a little strange.”

” I’ve completed loads of half-marathons and four full marathons – but I don’t really think of them as races either.”

“I love running – and it’s a pleasure that I can’t measure with a stopwatch. Why would I sacrifice this pleasure to speed, ambition and competition? If I worried about my times, I’d be miserable. I’m happy to leave breaking records and clocking impressive times to other runners. If it works for them, great. Me, I’ve got no appetite for antelope.”

So for now I am going to focus on just getting out there and enjoying my runs. I couldn’t go yesterday or today (work/pub getting in the way) but I will go on Friday, and I will make sure I look around, run where I fancy and try not to watch the time…but hit a decent distance 🙂


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