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Go Me!!! What a difference a few days make

August 4, 2013

So after a pretty tough run on Friday I set off today wondering how it would go…would today be just as hard? I planned a longer run as it was the weekend, I hoped for maybe 6 miles….


But did my personal best distance of 9.3 miles in 1 hour, 15 minutes. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for attention or praise but I am so pleased that I far exceeded what I thought I could do.


I made sure it was a run where I could ‘cut it short’ but my legs just held on and on. What was also ‘fun’ (think the endorphins are still making me crazy) was I ran up a hill called ‘King George’. It’s one of the longest and steepest hills in the Brighton and Hove area:

2013-08-04bThat’s the bugger…right there in the middle and it’s nice to see my pace didn’t drop too much at that point either. So I guess now my new long long run target has to be a milestone of 10 miles. But then it could also be a one-off so I must be realistic and not let one run go to my head.

Another thing is I need to not do these long runs in the midday heat! At least this time I took some money out with me incase I couldn’t make it back šŸ™‚


So given the rather too many glasses of vino last night I think I’m even on the health (veggie) stakes. Perhaps an ice cream or cold beer to finish the day on (well before the mundane ironing and other non-running blog relevant stuff.

I needed a good run, I wanted a good run, for many many reasons I needed the endorphins. Good day, šŸ™‚






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