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Well that was different – and very very enjoyable!

August 11, 2013

I’m not a fan of ‘there and back’ kinda runs, I prefer a circuit but today I decided to run to The Devils Dyke. Previously I’ve only done running on pavements and tarmacked parks but this was real cross country stuff (well not exactly but mostly rough gravel tracks). But 8.31 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes was good.

So it was never going to be about pace or distance because the surface was pretty rough but not bad none the less.


It was a long slog uphill getting there too:


But it was so lovely to be running in the countryside! A bit of negotiating around slugs and snails on the paths, horse droppings and big puddles. But contrast that with lovely fresh air, starlings and other birds signing, butterflies, pretty flowers (and stinging nettles) with a view over the Downs and over to the sea. Really lovely and definitely one to do again.

It was very nice at the top and I really should have stopped to take in the view or more likely go for a pint in The Dyke Pub; but no.

A quick run around to the National Trust beacon and back….to a well earned pint!

Not sussed adding links so see:

Wikipedia on Devils Dyke:’s_Dyke,_Sussex

The pub I should have gone to:

The National Trust site:


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