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Progress – slowly but surely

August 21, 2013

Well it has now been 3 months since I started running and I’m pleased to say whilst I’m not competing with anyone other than myself, I am improving.

August was a good month (and it’s not over yet).



New distance and duration records please me. It means I am getting out there more regularly, although as I write that I realise I am about to have 1 week off running whilst I look after a non-runner (he’s 3 so can be forgiven).

Yesterdays run was a nice one, I felt pretty good in spite of having run both Saturday and Sunday.



No records broken but respectable as far as I’m concerned.

Also I was very pleased to see that in spite of the ups and downs of the run my pace kept pretty constant.



To me being a bit of a nerd I understand it to mean I automatically pushed harder as |I went up hills…although of course I could also have been taking it easy going down hills or on the flat.

Well all that healthiness and no alcohol for a few days means no run, but probably will go to the pub tonight! Well the sun is shining and in the UK we have to take advantage of  that.  Another reason for putting up the ‘best month’ stats is that I am moving in a few weeks and so will be doing different runs. I am curious if it all falls apart as I get out of my normal routines and triggers, or if I can maintain and improve.

And then we have the impending Autumn…still, focusing on yesterday – enjoyable run and felt good. Tonight I’ll be enjoying the sunshine with a little beer to accompany it 🙂


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