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Ouch! I did it and am paying for it….

December 30, 2013

So I did it….my first outdoor run since the lovely sunny and warm month of August! And now I ache like an old man (some might say I am an old man but I don’t feel it or act it!).

I had a tough morning and a big part of me just wanted to get wasted but I then did something I have not done in ages. I got my act together and went for a run!.

2013-12-29 - 1400

I didn’t want to go down to the seafront as I had been there earlier in the day and secondly because it was really busy with runners. Antisocial…me? No of course not 😉

So I set off on a random course that eventually led me to Hove Park. Blimey do I ache today! I am reasonably fit because I go to the nice, cosy, warm gym but yesterday even though it was sunny it was freezing!

As for my new top? Well it’s too early to say if my Hind top from The Sweatshop was worth the £25. All I know is it was freezing when I went out and I arrived back hot, sweaty and looking red-faced. It was no miracle top for sure but I guess a few more runs will tell me if I should buy more or just stick with plain old t-shirts.

And I had forgotten how much harder it was running outside than on a treadmill.So it would seem I am back in the world of outdoor running. Although today’s apocalyptic weather does mean no run tonight. There is personal stuff going on so my next chance might be tomorrow but more realistic it will be Friday. Same reason to got to the pub….hopefully now replaced with same reason for going for a run.

This time though I will avoid hills and just head to the seafront. I live close to it and therefore it will probably … or rather hopefully…become my regular haunt. I need to work out some distances though. I think what got me yesterday was the hills and also the fact that I didn’t compromise speed for elevation. My poor legs are just not used to that.

Recovery? Well today it was a spell on the cross-trainer whilst looking out the window at the downpour of rain, short spell on the treadmill to see if it would help with the aching legs…it didn’t. And that’s it.

I also need to decide whether to switch Runkeeper to kilometres. Currently I do about 3~4 miles so I know where I am with that distance. Kilometres could throw me off but everyone else seems to use them. I don’t know why!


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  1. Hove Lawns to the Lagoon and back has become my favourite route over the last few months so I’d definitely recommend running on the seafront – as long as it’s not too windy that is. 😉

    • Maybe I’ll see you down there one day soon 🙂 How far is it roughly?

      • I usually do a little 5K circuit, but I reckon it’s about 6K from the Peace Statue to The Lagoon and back. 🙂

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