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Seafront breeze slows me down

January 12, 2014

My second run of the year was a long one. It was cold out there so apologies to anyone taking a stroll along the beach being confronted by my nipples! Next time I’ll wear more layers.

It’s funny, there were quite a few runners out today and it seems everyone is very individual in what and how much they wear to run in. Anything from shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt (aka me) to shorts, leggings, two tops, hat and gloves. If I continue running when it gets really cold I think a trip to the running shop is on the cards.

So back to my run. It seemed to start so well until I realised the wind was behind me! I went along the seafront again and am pleased that the council have been busy and the stones have pretty much been cleaned away. I headed out to Hove Lagoon again but it was when I headed back into Brighton I realised how much difference the wind makes.

12-01-2014 16-57-21

I’m very pleased with the distance. It was reasonably quiet along the seafront so I decided to go right on past my turnoff to the Brighton Pier. I was really starting to struggle but was enjoying it so I carried on.

12-01-2014 16-58-13

By then I was running at a snails pace and it was uphill at the end. Server me right for living at the top of a hill. So, run done, chores done…off for a well deserved pint 🙂


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  1. lol, I never thought I’d read the line “apologies to anyone taking a stroll along the beach being confronted by my nipples!”

  2. Well done! I know how hard it was running against that wind today – it was too strong for me anyway. 😉

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