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Sunday Runday

January 20, 2014

Well it was a gorgeous sunny day down here in Brighton so I really had no excuse not to go out for a run. As it was sunny I thought I’d avoid the seafront promenade as I thought it would get pretty busy….boy was I right!

So my first mistake was being fooled by the sun. Thinking it would be nice and warm I set off out in just a t-shirt and shorts. After about 10 paces I realised I’d made a mistake but I’m far to pig-headed to turn around and go home to change. so I carried on. I also decided to make the route up as I went along and before I knew it I was in Hove Park being chased by little yappy dogs and avoiding keen young kids on skateboards.

At this point I decided I’d head off along the busy roads into Portslade. I am loving running but I want a peaceful run where it is just me pounding along deep in thought. Not a constant planning exercise about how to avoid the next obstacle in my path.



That pretty much sums up most of the run. very enjoyable but too much along busy roads, too much avoiding people/dogs/cyclists/skateboarders/….fill in as appropriate. And that was before I decided against my better instincts to run back along the seafront. Busy doesn’t even come close!

It was absolute hell trying to weave through everyone, sometimes having to run on the actual pebbles on the beach with, unsurprisingly is really darn tough! Still, it was longer than I had planned but I am glad I got in a few hills as running on a treadmill during the week, and then just along the seafront at weekends means I’m not getting in many inclines.



Well as you can see…most of those inclines were downhill 😉

I was also happy with the pace, especially given that any record isn’t gong to account for having to wait at traffic lights or the assault course effect of avoiding obstacles.



Rather surprisingly I sped up at the last 2 miles!

Then of course I blew all the good work by going to the pub for a few and then eating a whole chocolate bar in the evening. When will I learn! So all in all a good run.

My takeaway thought is where to run next when it’s sunny? I’d like it to be somewhere quiet where I can run and think, getting lost in my thoughts rather than stressing out about avoiding obstacles. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see so many people out and about, walking, running, playing….it’s just for me I need a clear path.

maybe I’ll try running out of town…


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  1. Being cold sucks… But it can make you run faster so yey to that!

  2. I usually run on the seafront early in the morning or in the evening when there are only a few runners and dog walkers around. Devil’s Dyke would be good on a sunny day though if you have transport to get there, or maybe Seven Sisters – lots of space to run there! 🙂

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