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Progress – slowly but surely

Well it has now been 3 months since I started running and I’m pleased to say whilst I’m not competing with anyone other than myself, I am improving.

August was a good month (and it’s not over yet).



New distance and duration records please me. It means I am getting out there more regularly, although as I write that I realise I am about to have 1 week off running whilst I look after a non-runner (he’s 3 so can be forgiven).

Yesterdays run was a nice one, I felt pretty good in spite of having run both Saturday and Sunday.



No records broken but respectable as far as I’m concerned.

Also I was very pleased to see that in spite of the ups and downs of the run my pace kept pretty constant.



To me being a bit of a nerd I understand it to mean I automatically pushed harder as |I went up hills…although of course I could also have been taking it easy going down hills or on the flat.

Well all that healthiness and no alcohol for a few days means no run, but probably will go to the pub tonight! Well the sun is shining and in the UK we have to take advantage of  that.  Another reason for putting up the ‘best month’ stats is that I am moving in a few weeks and so will be doing different runs. I am curious if it all falls apart as I get out of my normal routines and triggers, or if I can maintain and improve.

And then we have the impending Autumn…still, focusing on yesterday – enjoyable run and felt good. Tonight I’ll be enjoying the sunshine with a little beer to accompany it 🙂


My first consecutive run…

And it was hard work!

Yesterday I did 7.66 miles in 60 minutes which I was happy with. I had only planned to do a ‘normal’ 4 mile run but for some unknown reason I just carried on. Also I found for the first time that running gave me the space to think about something that’s been worrying me. I didn’t come up with the answer but I came up with a plan.

I don’t think I would have done that if I hadn’t been running. So that’s another benefit and one I hope happens more and more as I worry less about being able to breath and my legs collapsing!

So today for some reason I decided to go out again 🙂 Ah the innocence of a new(ish) runner. How much harder was that!!! Actually my time wasn’t too bad, I ran 4.2 miles in 34 minutes, that’s a minute or so slower but it felt like really hard work.


I also did the biggest climb in a week too so go me!

I do sometimes wonder if all the other runners out there are really healthy? I definitely like my beer and wine too much and if I cut down then I’m sure I could run further and faster. That said one of my reasons for going running is that it keeps me out of the pub just that bit longer, thereby saving me money and keeping me sane. 🙂

I needed that….

Having cut down on the sauce I find I have more energy so it was good to get out again today. I was also thinking I keep doing the same runs during the week so wanted to try a different route. Well not totally different as I’ve done it once before so I plunged down to Preston Park.2013-08014b

Quite a plunge downhill, and I didn’t plan on running up it today!

Still, a respectable 4.7 miles in 37 minutes. I was happy with that.


Preston Park is a nice park to run in too as there don’t seem to be many dogs about, just other runners. There must have been about 10 people out there today. That’s a lot from what I have experienced so far during the week.

Should I ever move flats I expect to see a few more along the seafront…but will I keep this up through the wet and cold Autumn and Winter? Time will tell, I did evolve from the treadmill remember!

Well that was different – and very very enjoyable!

I’m not a fan of ‘there and back’ kinda runs, I prefer a circuit but today I decided to run to The Devils Dyke. Previously I’ve only done running on pavements and tarmacked parks but this was real cross country stuff (well not exactly but mostly rough gravel tracks). But 8.31 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes was good.

So it was never going to be about pace or distance because the surface was pretty rough but not bad none the less.


It was a long slog uphill getting there too:


But it was so lovely to be running in the countryside! A bit of negotiating around slugs and snails on the paths, horse droppings and big puddles. But contrast that with lovely fresh air, starlings and other birds signing, butterflies, pretty flowers (and stinging nettles) with a view over the Downs and over to the sea. Really lovely and definitely one to do again.

It was very nice at the top and I really should have stopped to take in the view or more likely go for a pint in The Dyke Pub; but no.

A quick run around to the National Trust beacon and back….to a well earned pint!

Not sussed adding links so see:

Wikipedia on Devils Dyke:’s_Dyke,_Sussex

The pub I should have gone to:

The National Trust site:

Bloody dogs!

I know it’s not the dogs fault but their owners who fail to training them but why is it always the little annoying yappy ones that want to have a go. Two today. One I kept trying to avoid kicking whilst it’s ineffective owner just said ‘naughty xyz’, no apology or anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It was almost enough to stop me enjoying my 4.21 miles in 34 minutes but it wasn’t. Not the best time but quite honestly I overdid it at the weekend and was very achy so I’m not surprised. Adding to that I also went to the gym today and did 15 minutes on a cross-trainer – poor legs didn’t stand a chance.

But sadly the dog thing has made me consider avoiding parks, which I like running around, no traffic, quiet, trees, greener….and dogs….and distracted kids on bikes/scooters, but them I can forgive. Not the dogs/owners of dogs that chase and attempt to bite runners.



Go Me!!! What a difference a few days make

So after a pretty tough run on Friday I set off today wondering how it would go…would today be just as hard? I planned a longer run as it was the weekend, I hoped for maybe 6 miles….


But did my personal best distance of 9.3 miles in 1 hour, 15 minutes. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for attention or praise but I am so pleased that I far exceeded what I thought I could do.


I made sure it was a run where I could ‘cut it short’ but my legs just held on and on. What was also ‘fun’ (think the endorphins are still making me crazy) was I ran up a hill called ‘King George’. It’s one of the longest and steepest hills in the Brighton and Hove area:

2013-08-04bThat’s the bugger…right there in the middle and it’s nice to see my pace didn’t drop too much at that point either. So I guess now my new long long run target has to be a milestone of 10 miles. But then it could also be a one-off so I must be realistic and not let one run go to my head.

Another thing is I need to not do these long runs in the midday heat! At least this time I took some money out with me incase I couldn’t make it back 🙂


So given the rather too many glasses of vino last night I think I’m even on the health (veggie) stakes. Perhaps an ice cream or cold beer to finish the day on (well before the mundane ironing and other non-running blog relevant stuff.

I needed a good run, I wanted a good run, for many many reasons I needed the endorphins. Good day, 🙂





Tough one but why?

4.2 miles in just over 30 minutes but its not about the numbers. It was really hard work!

Now I am sure some runners can skip past that distance in no time….not me yesterday.

Legs of lead, hopefully it will be better on Sunday.